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ArtTour International Publications, the most iconic worldwide magazine on the arts is proud to introduce a highly-anticipated and ground-breaking publication – a testament to dedication and involvement with some of the most talented and inspiring artists operating in the world today, the ATIM’S Top 60 Masters 2020!

For the last nine years, Arttour International Magazine has been inspiring over 10 million global viewers by showcasing the world’s most talented master artists. As leaders in the multi-media art space, ArtTour International has given international exposure to hundreds of artists in all stages of their career journey. Their platform has grown exponentially to include their award-winning magazine, a TV show, and international events and beyond. Their commitment to excellence in art is evident as their platform gives life-changing exposure to artists from all stages and spaces, from over 205 countries worldwide.

Since founding ArtTour International in 2011, Viviana Puello has served as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and the face for ArtTour International Magazine. As the magazine grew, so did Puello’s lifelong dedication to art and service, not only through ArtTour International but through her two non-profit organizations, Create 4 Peace and Artists for a Green Planet. Each organization gives artists a unique opportunity to truly use their work to engage their audience and create a positive impact that gives back to the world.

On July 20th, the anxiously awaited Arttour International’s Top 60 Masters of 2020 will be hot off the presses and on its way! Curated by Viviana Puello and with the Graphic Direction by Alan Grimandi, this incredible edition by Arttour International Publications, Inc. features the world’s top 60 Masters from around the world. The front cover showcases the captivating abstract painting “Escape to Reality” by ArtTour International artist of the year, Patricia Karen Gagic. While the back cover features ATIM’s Top 60 Master, ALBY, with her vision of the “Promise of Humanity.” Congratulations to all 60 of our Master artists being feature in this year’s issue!

“Our intention is clear, to always be active in our support and promotion of the intercultural exchange by showcasing these master artists from over forty countries across the world. We can bring much-needed awareness of the continued search for global peace,” Puello shared.

Each artist chosen for ATIM’s Top 60 Masters is a recipient of the ATIM Masters Award, a reproduction of ArtTour International’s own Editor and Chief, Viviana Puello’s sculpture, “Rising Above.” This sculpture was created to inspired artists to fly high and conquer their dreams. This year’s Ferrari Red sculpture is dedicated to making a statement against war, violence, inequality, and bring awareness for world peace. It is a reminder that the ongoing struggle for peace, remains.

Every year, Arttour International Magazine celebrates its Top 60 Masters with an incredible award ceremony created in collaboration with their non-profit Create4Peace. For the safety of all, this year’s ATIM Top 60 Master artists will gather together to celebrate next Spring in Florence, Italy. We know the team at ArtTour International looks forward to handing each artist the ATIM Masters Awards in person and giving each of them a chance to share their messages of peace with the world.

Each year, ArtTour International searches the world for art masters to showcase in this limited edition issue. If you haven’t pre-ordered yours, don’t wait!

To those exceptional 60 Master Artists, congratulations! You have earned this moment with your hard work, commitment to excellence, and dedication to making this world a better place.

Open Artist Call For 2021! Are you ready to be featured in the 2021 Arttour International’s Top 60 Masters? We are accepting submissions now as we prepare 2021 for the world’s next ATIM’s Top 60 Masters. Visit www.atimtop60masters.com to apply.

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