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Our projects reunite artists from across the globe to promote intercultural exchange with one goal: Peace awareness. Our initiatives include collective exhibitios, international artists gathering, to complex and sophisticated cinematography projects.


A film directed by Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello.
Is it too late to change the future of our planet?

“Kintsugi – The Line Of Destiny” is a stunning documentary that takes viewers to the most remarkable places on Earth. Filmed in Morocco and Italy, with no shortage of incredible views, the film features the touching lifestyle of the Berber people who live in the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains, who turn to natural resources as their only source of livelihood.

The viewer will be blown away by stunning images and breathtaking scenery with a profound and inspiring message narrated by Viviana Puello. Offering alarming but also forward-looking information, the movie is a reminder that any positive change begins in the most intimate place: our heart.

“From the Arctic to Africa, the Earth is feeling the effects of climate change. The environment is deteriorating. The ocean, the Earth, and the air are suffering a process of degradation with unpredictable consequences. The exploitation of natural resources has caused deforestation, desertification, soil depletion, greenhouse gas increase, extreme energy, water pollution, the extinction of species, the list goes on. We hope that “Kintsugi – The Line Of Destiny” will inspire you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle with a high degree of ecological integrity. Join us in our work for an environmentally, 
economically, and culturally restored planet.”

– Viviana Puello-Grimandi


“Sacred Waters, The Cry of the Oceans” is an extraordinary documentary featuring remarkable under the sea scenery with incredible state-of-the-art-underwater filmmaking that will take your breath away. Join this mesmerizing journey to the depths of the oceans filled with life, mystery, and beauty.

Produced by ArtTour International Magazine, in association with Artists for A Green Planet and Grimandi Productions and Directed by Alan Grimandi & Viviana Puello, the film will first premiere in MNN-HD Studios in New York. It will be screened in film festivals across the country in 2020 and 2021.

“Our oceans are the origin and the engine of all life on this planet, but they are under threat. Help us convert ocean awareness into ocean action. ‘Sacred Waters’ was born from the hope that, by sharing the wonders of the ocean and marine life, we will inspire people to protect them. The goal of this project is to invite the audience to reflect on the scientific evidence and take action to encourage the viewers to live more eco-friendly lifestyles.”