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TONANTZIN, Is a multimedia event to promote your art and your brand through an interactive digital art auction, the publication of your art in Arttour International Magazine, and a featured place in this powerful Earth Day event!!

OUR PLANET IS IN CRISIS, and we are the only ones that can do something about it. 

This year’s Earth Day will be the largest civic observance globally. One billion people in 192 countries plan to take part in Earth Day activities.

And CREATE4PEACE.ORG in collaboration with ArtTour International Magazine, wants to make sure that YOU DON’T GET LEFT OUT.  

We’re hosting a ten-day earth day celebration that starts on April 15 with an art auction that will run for ten days, allowing you to sell your art.

Then on April 22nd, we will launch our special Earth Day issue of ArtTour International Magazine, publishing your works to over two million readers and host a FULL DAY EARTH DAY SUMMIT that will give you the opportunity to showcase your art to our global audience of over ten million people in 192 countries.  

This is a unique opportunity to get your art, business, and brand in front of a global audience.

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With a global audience of over ten million, you don’t want to miss this! 

What if I told you that Earth Week could change the course of your art career? That you could have your work purchased and appreciated for decades through our live auction? To top that off, understanding that millions of people across our global virtual stage will see what you create, hear your story, and your name will be positioned as an international, top collected artist? Not only is it true, but for ArtTour International Magazine Artists, this is just the beginning of a new era. 

For our next issue, we’re not only publishing your works on all our multimedia platforms, which is already reaching over ten million viewers. We’re getting your works in a state-of-the-art auction that will be running for five days in collaborations with Create4Peace, Artists For A Green Planet. This will give you a front-row seat to the most extensive and first Earth Day Auction of its kind. 


This is going to be dramatically different from anything you’ve ever seen before. This is a full-day multimedia opportunity when the world is tuning in to Earth Day events happening across the globe. 

Bringing a high-tech, state-of-the-art auction to artists gives a unique opportunity in a world that has been closed down for so long. This auction will be running for five days on the Create4Peace, Artists For A Green Planet Page so that all lovers of the environment, sponsors, and supporters of Create4Peace platforms get the opportunity to purchase your art!

What Are the Benefits of Joining Tonantzin – Earth Day?

  • Get an art review to set you apart and highlight your uniqueness.
  • We will write a professional review of your art to establish what makes your art unique and create a distinction for you in the art market.
  • Get to sell your art on our Earth Day auction (Which will run from April 15th to April 25th on the Artists For A Green Planet page in Create4Peace.org, our partner non-profit organization)
  • We will present your art on an elegant, interactive auction site. Collectors who come to our live auction will understand your heart and be encouraged to purchase it. This helps support your art and our planet. 
  • Get published in Arttour International Magazine & The ATIM TV Show
  • Once you approve the art review and your art is published on the auction site, we will publish Arttour International Magazine’s special issue where your art will feature. We help you market your art through our international platform so that your works get seen by art lovers, collectors, and the media with the ATIM TV Show (audience of over 10 Million) and the Arttour International Magazine (audience of 2 Mill in 205 countries)

Now, There’s something significant that you also get to do. You get to be part of a global movement to advocate for mother earth and become a change-maker?

Devastating wildfires. Record-breaking temperatures. 2021 is a critical moment for action; We’re reaching the point of no return.

We know the only way forward is to join together to advocate for urgent action. “Tonantzin,” our Earth Day Summit will raise awareness to our global community.  

Join us on our Earth Day Project. Enjoy this opportunity, and Let’s raise our voices for the restoration of our planet. 


The events of 2020 and now into 2021 have shown us that now, more than ever, the need our Earth has for us to begin shouldering the responsibility of her care. But, how do we show more gratitude and understand better how to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle?  This year, Create4Peace.org in partnership with ArtTour International Magazine, have come together to present, Tonantzin: A Call For Mother Earth

Tonantzin (Nahuati: Our dear mother earth) is a full-day retreat reuniting panelists, energy healers, spiritual leaders, artists, and creative minds from over thirty countries. This year will be the largest civic observance of Earth day in the world. With over 1 billion people in 192 countries participating in Earth Day activities, you don’t want to miss a minute of this six-hour event! Come as we all unite, from all corners of the globe to celebrate Earth and for a moment of meditation and prayer for our planet. Viviana Puello, founder of Create4Peace.org and ArtTour International Magazine said it best,

“We aim to make a global impact and advocate for the restoration of our planet.”