Why should I become a member?

The root of the healing of our planet is a connection. We want to be connected to you and your desire to be in the magic of what it is to be human, to give back. We know your schedule may not always coincide with dedicating all your time to recovering the gift of what art brings to our community We do the work for you, we go out into the world and find those hidden gems that will bring healing to our world and make an impact. Together we stand as a beacon of light for our planet.

What are the benefits to having a membership?

As a member, you will be updated each month on our current projects, goals, and upcoming events. You will get v.i.p access and invitations to attend and see the impact that you have made through your membership.

Membership Options:

Good Faith Donor - $20 Monthly Contribution

Star Of Peace - $50 Monthly Contribution

Light-workers - $100 Monthly Contribution

A gift of gratitude is sent on our behalf for members including the Create4Peace red bracelet to our Good Faith donors, and our Create4Peace t-shirt and bracelet to our Star Of Peace donors.

Fine art prints by our featured artists, artists signature and original Certificate of authenticity will be sent to our Light-workers.

Why is monthly giving the best option?

Monthly giving allows us to have a dependable base of support while save time and paper by not having to send supporters physical reminders and renewal notices. For our supporters it allows you to make a small monthly contribution and still play a major role in creating peace for all.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my gift?

The IRS recognizes Create4Peace as a, not for profit 501c3 charitable organization. Your donation to Create4Peace is tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and you will receive a tax receipt. Create4Peace Inc., EIN 82-2063882, 1791 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10031.

Does Create4Peace rent, sell, or trade my information?

We respect the privacy of our members and keep all your information private.


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