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Dreamers by Kari Veastad – Starting Price $2,200

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Dreamers - Oil On Canvas, 50x50 by Kari Veastad.

We all are dreamers in some way, some are we aware of and some not.

Some dreams are endless and will allways be a dream. Some dreams bring us forward, both the big and the small one.

Sometimes it start with a dream and end up with a big goal.

Dreams can be important to keep you motivated but dreams can also become your sleeping pad if you are not aware and will not bring you forward.

Dreams can be the source of the belief that there is something better, but some use daydreaming as a replacement to deal with or solve external problems, or as the only satisfaction of their own feelings and needs.

Daydreaming can often serve as a much-needed break from a busy day. Some daydream in an almost meditative way and regain an inner peace and balance. But there are also examples of daydreaming that primarily serve as an escape from reality.

Do you believe in dreams? What is your dream? Do you have a dream as can be a reality if you act on it.

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