American Artist Stefan Duncan is the creator of a new branch of Impressionism called “Squiggleism.” Squiggleism™ is a Van Gogh dash with a twist, representing a unit of the Divine that exists in everything. The strokes are unblended and are applied beside each other, so that at a distance, the eye is presented with pure bright colors that excite the mind and heart. His other style of art is illuminism which has a source of light in  the painting. The light is symbolic of hope  for the human condition. Stefan’s mission is to present his “Living Spirit Art” to the world giving peace and serenity to the viewer in the heart of their home and continuing what Van Gogh started – revealing the Divine through nature.

“I have been blessed with the vision to see the Divine Essence in nature around us and I merely try to capture its living, thriving glory on canvas so that others can see,” Stefan Duncan.